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Plaka forest

a leisurely walk with the peacocks

Plaka forest

Near the airport of Kos in a gorge there is located a little piece of heaven filled with pine trees, called Plaka. Inside lives a bird, the peacock, originating from the forests of South India brought to Europe since antiquity. It was domesticated in an unknown way and was known in Mesopotamia, Rome and Ancient Greece. From those ancient times there was a myth that it was protected by the gods and it was commonly found in temples and in the courtyards of wealthy houses. The forest is full of peacocks that move freely in the area and those who visit it can feed them, touch them and take pictures with them, as they are very friendly with visitors. The atmosphere of the forest is ideal for relaxation, thanks to its shade and coolness and we suggest you admire the peacocks that display their wonderful colorful feathers.

Finally, on the scattered benches that exist in the area you can organize a family or individual picnic enjoying a special moment!

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