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Kos town

the capital and the main port of Kos

Kos Town

The city of Kos is the second largest in the Dodecanese and there are about 20,000 permanent residents in the city and a total of 34,000 throughout the island.

If you select the city of Kos for your stay or for a visit, do not miss the attractions worth getting to know through an organizedKos excursion or guided tour. Archaeological Museum, the Asclepion, the Tree of Hippocrates, Fortress of Neratzia, Ancient Agora, the Roman house, the Roman Odeon and the natural beauties, such as the wetland in Psalidi and Therma.

Modern Kos is built on the spot of its ancient predecessor

Some of the most important sight seeing'sof Kos town is the imposing Castle of the Knights of Saint John which stands on the eastern side of the harbor and is connected to the rest of the town by a bridge that crosses the famous Palm Tree Avenue. Its strong fortified walls were used to protect the inhabitants of Kos from the constant piratic invasions. It is worth mentioning that despite the modern infrastructure of Kos Town, the significant sight seeing's of Kos are a clear reflection of the long history of the island.

The ancient town of Kos was founded in 366 BC, but its history reveals that the position was inhabited since the 3rd millennium BC. It particularly flourished in the Hellenistic and Roman eras, when it was seen as one of the most important financial and commercial centers of the known world until then.

Kos, except for being the island of Hippocrates is well known as the island of cycling. A notable feature of the town is the bicycle path along the coastal road and in the heart of Kos. A favorite means of transportation for residents and visitors, offering comfort and flexibility and, of course, the opportunity to enjoy the sights and natural beauties of the place, the bicycle is the ideal companion for exploring the island.

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