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Plane of Hippocrates

at 2,400 years old is waiting for your visit

Plane of Hippocrates

A remarkable place of the island that is worth visiting is the Plane of Hippocrates. Its exact location is opposite the Castle of Neratzia and next to the Ancient Agora (Market) of Kos.

One of the oldest trees in the world dominates there: Hippocrates' Plane where its history has been written.

Local folk tradition states that the plane tree was planted by Hippocrates about 2,400 years ago. This is the place where the great sage taught the science of Medicine to his students. The plane tree is majestic with a perimeter of about 12 meters and a huge trunk reminiscent of a cave. Also next to the Plane there are two fountains from the time of the Ottoman rule, as well as an inscription in Arabic stating that the water is from the source of Hippocrates.

The tree belongs to the species "Platanus orientalis L." and its age is estimated to be over 2,300 years.

Over the centuries, the wood of its trunk and large branches have rotted from various fungi and wood-eating insects, resulting in a large hollow on the inside. We suggest you visit the site and feel the awe and emotion of history.

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