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Aliki Tigaki (salt pit)

generous beauty of nature

Aliki Tigaki (Salt Pit)

Between the settlements of Tigaki and Marmari, approximately on the north side of Kos, is the area of Aliki, which until 1989 was a place that produced sea salt from sea water.

The seawater along with torrents flowed through pipes and supplied a lagoon of salty - brackish water. However, in recent years, since the facilities do not operate, the influx of seawater, especially during the summer, has resulted in water retention throughout the year, thus changing it to a permanent wetland instead of a seasonal one.

Various types of vegetation have been developed in the surrounding area, such as wetland, halophytic, shrubby, etc. with a lot of wild reeds, bulrush and near the border of the beach tamarisk trees.

Nature fits everything and here herons and pelicans are some of the bird species that are found in the salt pit during the year. Also flamingos, water turtles and water snakes are some of the remarkable species found in the area. The area is protected by treaties Ramsar and Natura and hosts species of local flora and fauna, as well as a variety of migratory birds. We suggest a relaxing walk for a special experience.

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