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Roman Odeon

spectacle and entertainment center

Roman Conservatory of Kos

Roman Odeon of Kos is in the meddle of Kos town is construction took place around the 2nd c. A.D. and probably took the place of some older public building which was probably City Hall. Although the conservatory was created for musical purposes, it was also used as the seat of the Senate, which honored prominent citizens of the island.

Its original housing and capacity corresponded to about 750 people. Its north-facing hollow was based on vaulted structures, which were supported by cast masonry columns.

It consisted of fourteen rows of marble seats, nine of which have now been restored, and was divided into two tiers with an aisle, the lower of which was divided by four staircases into bleachers.

Under this hollow two semicircular arcades were formed and a series of rooms that were usually used either as workshops or as shops. The stage had the unusual shape of an irregular pentagon and consisted of two parts, the foreground and the background, which communicated with each other through three entrances. On both sides of the stage there were two more doors leading to the side entrances to the stage.

The orchestra had a prominent circular shape and its floor was beautifully decorated with marble.

Also, two more mosaic floors adorned the stage entrances. About 18 marble statues were found hidden, the most important of which is that of Hippocrates, which is now on display at the Archaeological Museum of Kos. Today, during the summer months, the conservatory hosts a variety of cultural events aimed at reviving feelings of a past era.g.

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