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Mountain Dikeos

unique view of the island of Kos & the Aegean sea

Mountain Dikeos

Known to the ancient Greeks as Oromedon, Orion or Dikeos or Dikaios, it is the highest mountain in Kos, with an altitude of 846 meters.

The origin of its name is unknown. Its composition consists of marble and limestone, as well as large masses of plutonic and volcanic rocks. During the contact of the volcanic rock with the limestone and the marble, metallurgy develops in certain areas, with characteristic deposits of multicolored metal oxides. The distribution of altitudes is not symmetrical.

The distance between the ridge and the coast towards the northern axis of the mountain is about 7 km, while opposite to the south the mountain Dikeos has a large slope towards the sea.

The very shape of the island is determined by the axes of the folds and the direction of the rifts, while the ravines have a direction perpendicular to it, as seen around the top of Dikaios towards the side of Asfendios.

The intense human activity in the surrounding area from ancient and medieval times is seen by the finding of relics, remnants of a medieval settlement, water tanks, bricks and abundant pottery utensils.

If you are relatively in good physical condition, we suggest a walk from the outskirts of the village of Zia to the top of the mountain where the church of Christ dominates. The unique view that will give a feeling of vastness for the beauty of nature is rewarding.

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