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Castle of Andimahia

a living monument in central of island

The Castle of Antimachia

Just 23km from Kos town!A castle built in the 14th century for the knights of the time.

Right in the middle of the island stands proud the castle of Antimachia, southeast of the village of Antimachia and is a perfect and well-preserved medieval fortress.

The castle was built between 1322 and 1346, according to some reports of the 14th century the castle was used for the protection of the inhabitants but also as a prison for the convicted knights.

Built on the top of a hill and overlooking the southern coast of Kos, it has a triangular shape with a peak towards the east.

Each side of the castle is an independent fortification line, which follows the landscape. Upon entering, the visitor discovers a massive crescent-shaped bastion with deep loopholes. The castle was renovated by the Knights of St. John in 1494 after a destructive earthquake. The existing walls were strengthened and restored and ramparts of various kinds were constructed along the outer wall. Ruins of the old settlement of Antimacheia are still preserved inside the castle, with streets, cisterns and two old churches. However, after its decline, the settlement was abandoned in 1840.

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