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Casa Romana

a restored mansion of the 2nd century

Casa Romana of Kos

In the central of Kos town is one of the most interesting sights of the island is the Roman house or Casa Romana. In 1933, the great earthquake almost completely destroyed Kos.

The Italians, who then occupied the island, took the opportunity to undertake urban redesign and carried out extensive excavations, as they knew that ancient monuments were hidden under the leveled buildings.

The Italian archaeologist Laurenzi undertook the excavation and then the Italian Administration proceeded with a complete restoration of the house, which was completed by 1940.

It is a Pompeian type Roman mansion towards the end of the 2nd century and the beginning of the 3rd century AD, built on the ruins of a Hellenistic house with an exquisite sewer system.

It consists of 36 rooms and 3 outdoor areas, patios or atria (from the Latin word atrium). The external image of the building does not predispose the visitor to the exceptional spectacle he will encounter. From the main entrance of the building, located on the east side, one begins to realize the rich findings. There we see a base of a statue or a column with the inscription "APELEXIKAKOS" (the one who expels evil). In the first atrium we find a small tank and on the floor an impressive and well-preserved mosaic with a panther representation that devours a deer.

In almost every room of the house one can find beautiful mosaics and luxurious decor.

The main room of the house (a gentlemen’s parlor) but also in other rooms there are traces of orthomarbling and mosaic floors with geometric patterns, tiger representations, panthers, etc. The auxiliary areas are located on the northwest side, near the staircase leading to the upper floor. In each atrium we find small or large tanks and mosaics of various types with an abundance of themes from Nereids to dolphins. Statues of Nymphs, Athena, as well as a mosaic with a representation of the seabed were found in the building, proving that the existence of the house began at the end of the Hellenistic era.

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