Ancient House the garden of Hippocrates



“Ancient House”The Garden of Hippocrates

live the ancient Greek spirit

“Ancient House” The Garden of Hippocrates

If you wish to see an authentic representation of an ancient Greek settlement of the 5th century B. C. up close we suggest you visit the cultural center “Ancient House, The Garden of Hippocrates”.

It’s located in Mastichari, Kos and you will be very impressed. The element of this special center is to promote the ancient Greek way of life at the time the great Greek physician Hippocrates of Kos lived.

Its complete composition begins from the house that’s an exact replica of the time, the philosophical gallery, the stone theater, gardens with various types of herbs, the cemetery, the Museum of Dimitra with agricultural tools, the vineyard and finally the temple.

The visitor is introduced to the spiritual and philosophical quests of the ancient Greeks, but above all to the art of Medicine at that time. The House is made of local stone and has two floors, the wooden roof has old tiles and the handmade furniture is a faithful copy of the time.

On a daily basis in this beautiful place there are seminars about cooking, ceramics, mosaic, making bread, agriculture, philosophy and pebble art.

The philosophical gallery, also built according to the standards of the time with a handmade pebbled floor and embossed copies on the walls, hosts works of art and a library. In the area there is a theatre that is also made of stone hosting about 80 people for its performances. Each visitor can actively participate in all the activities of the cultural center and in addition to this active participation can wander in the gardens that are abundant in herbs, wild cedars, vineyards and fruit trees that are all in harmony with each other.
We suggest a visit to the center in order to feel a moment of identification in ancient times with the local tradition and philosophy.

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