international Hippocratic foundation of kos island



International Hippocratic Foundation of Kos

the most important monument on the island

International Hippocratic Foundation of Kos

Just 3km from Kos Town! The most important monument on the island.

The International Hippocratic Foundation of Kos – IHFK is a public benefit institution. It’s a cradle of culture that transmits the knowledge, the philosophy, the work and spirit of the great teacher of Medicine, Hippocrates.

The character of the institution is not limited to borders but on the contrary it is of global influence and the purpose is the public benefit work 1960.

The beginning of the project started on 11/25/1962 when the first cornerstone was laid, resulting with the beginning of the foundation on 9/20/1979 with the building of the Hippocratic Melathro which contains two conference rooms.

The institution spreads on a large green slope with fantastic vegetation; the altitude ranges from 60 to 135 meters above sea level and provides each visitor an amazing view of the surrounding area, the city of Kos and Asia Minor, beyond the Aegean Sea.

Purposes of the International Hippocratic Foundation of Kos :

a) The realization and cultivation of the ideal of Medicine, as it was conceived and applied by Hippocrates 25 centuries ago, “benefit, do no harm”.
b) The popularization and dissemination among physicians around the world of the value of Hippocratic Medicine, for the creation in the Medical Corps of humanitarian medical consciousness and for the inauguration of a new period of “humanized” Medicine, which has the sole purpose to serve and elevate human life.
c) The basic publication of the work of Hippocrates, the manuscripts concerning Hippocratic Medicine, the publication of every collection concerning post-Hippocratic Medicine and the use of every suitable means (such as internet connection) that promotes this science and is governed by the spirit and moral principles of Hippocrates.d) The establishment and operation of independent or attached Hospitals, Institutes or Scientific Research Laboratories with the object of promoting Bio-Medical Sciences as well as a standard Conference Center, Hippocratic Library and Museum of Medicine.
e) It provides hospitality within the building in Kos and for minimum payment and for a short period of time to doctors regardless of gender, nationality and race, who want to do various medical and historical studies and research at the Asklipieion and other archaeological treasures of Kos, isolated and away from noise within the Sacred Space of Hippocrates and ancient Greek culture.
f) The gathering of doctors from all over the world every five years in the International Medical Conference (International Medical Olympiad) for the exchange of views and discussion on various current issues and the Hippocratic and New-Hippocratic Medicine and Worldview.
g) The award for the best study during the International Medical Olympiad, which concerns the progress of the Science of Medicine in general and of Hippocratic Medicine in particular. With the organization of special events the winners of the Nobel Prize of Medicine will be honored. The awards will be presented by the supreme leader of the Greek State.

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